Brighten up your house with reversible OBIKA plant pot covers made with bold and geometric block and batik printed ankara fabric. These plant pot covers are also great as storage buckets to use in any space in the home or office.


Each pot is handmade and truly unique pieces made in the UK.


Product may be slightly different from the product shown.



Plant Pot Cover - Small

SKU: 00002
Internal fabric
External fabric
  • Sizes


    • Height: 16 cm
    • Outside diameter: 18 cm
    • Max. diameter flowerpot: 15 cm
    • Inside diameter: 16 cm



    • Height: 26 cm
    • Outside diameter: 27 cm
    • Max. diameter flowerpot: 24 cm
    • Inside diameter: 25 cm



    • Height: 33 cm
    • Outside diameter: 36 cm
    • Max. diameter flowerpot: 32 cm
    • Inside diameter: 34 cm



    100% cotton


    Our product is not waterproof and because we are an advocate for looking after our planet and reducing plastic waste we would love if you join us and recycle that plastic bag at the back of your cupboard and line your plant pot.  #plasticfree


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